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Surya Wedding Films

Our fresh and dynamic approach to wedding films and photography means that each and every love story we produce is unique, capturing all elements of the day as well as those special moments and emotions. Our work evolves organically, being a direct result of the couples we work with, their stories and personalities combined.

We don’t just produce those every day shots of your events, but are constantly seeking to push the boundaries and give that little extra. We will combine the more contrived shots with the most natural, allowing us to capture the real essence of the day and produce timeless film and photography.

Our team’s broad spectrum of experience allows us to bring real expertise to the table, when producing your love story. Embracing aesthetic techniques akin to real film, we have learned the art and science of real motion picture making. Cinematography is just one element we use, from a plethora of techniques that are required to produce a good film.

We can produce pre-wedding concept shoots, beautifully documenting you as a couple through your first date, proposal or life in general. Which can be showcased at your grand entrance within your wedding reception. Such shoots, along with our coverage of events have taken us far and beyond, to the most obscure and interesting places, meeting and engaging with some of the most interesting people.

We welcome challenges and new ideas – so come and talk to us…

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Surya Wedding Films
Posted Saturday, September 8th, 2012

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